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The Effects of Voter Turnout in U.S. Elections Researched by Ben Menke ‘22

Political science and statistics student, Ben Menke ‘22 researched the effects of voter turnout in United States elections, advised by professor Chris Gilbert. Reflecting on his project, Menke emphasized the importance of shaping the future of our government no matter your political standing:. “Everyone should use their voice in government because the right to vote […]

Fall Research Symposium Online is Huge Success

The online 2020 Fall Research Symposium gave 21 student researchers the opportunity to present their research from a variety of academic disciplines. Panelists were able to interact with their peers and faculty members, answering questions and sharing the methodology and results of their Gustavus research experience.    One panel, chaired by Emma Rossow’23, involved three […]

Buss ‘22 Conducts Music Research for Conducting Ensembles

Lauren Buss ‘22 researched music conducting for Dr. James Patrick Miller’s upcoming book, Teaching Basic Conducting. Buss and Dr. Miller collaborated to write a new method of teaching conducting to undergraduate and graduate students. “She went far beyond what the expectations were for her summer research… She also was really creative in taking different approaches, […]

Patient Communication from Denmark to St. Jude Hospital

For senior nursing major Rachel Huber, her interest in patient and family communication led her to Aarhus, Denmark in January 2019. While abroad, she studied how Danish oncology nurses communicate with their patients about the end of life. Huber’s experience in Denmark prepared her for an internship at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in January 2020. […]

Uniting People and the Planet Through Art

Visiting the Rhône Glacier in Switzerland was just the beginning of a unique research project for psychology and art major Emily Dzieweczynski ’19 and Associate Professor of Art, Betsy Byers. Sharing the same interest in climate change, Dzieweczynski and Byers collaborated on a creative endeavor to inspire compassion and empathy for the planet. Together, they […]

Broadening Education Around the World

For Gustavus junior Kaitlyn Gruber ’21, her time in Germany was more than just a chemistry research internship. She fostered a deep appreciation for German culture beyond sightseeing and tourism while working alongside some of the most distinguished scientists in Germany. Receiving exposure to different lab structures and protocols, developing intercultural communication skills, and gaining […]

Senior Gusties Reflect on the First-Year Research Experience Program

Current seniors, Sarah Anderson ‘20 and Kylee Brimsek ‘20 spent the summer after their first year of college researching prairie carbon storage in the biology department through the First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) program. Under the advisement of Dr. Amy Kochsiek, visiting assistant professor in biology, Anderson and Brimsek researched the carbon storing capabilities of prairies […]

Casey Decker (’18) and Dr. Jeff LaFrenierre study effects of climate change on Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador

As glaciers worldwide retreat due to accelerating climate change, understanding their role in watershed hydrology is critically important if downstream water users are to be able to adapt to new conditions. Glaciers exist even in the tropics, where the high Andes reach elevations well over 20,000 feet. Dr. Jeff La Frenierre and students from the […]

Combining biology and physics to better understand how cell division goes awry in cancer

During every cell division, cells must accurately separate their genetic material into the two daughter cells. Cancer cells frequently have high levels of genome instability, and chemotherapy treatments often further increase genome instability. Dr. Laura Burrack and her students in the biology department study how changes in the cell division machinery leads to mistakes in segregation […]