Chemistry Professor Stoll Awarded Janet Andersen Lecture Award in Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences Posted on June 2nd, 2021 by

Dwight Stoll

Gustavus Adolphus College chemistry professor Dwight Stoll was named the 2021 recipient of the Janet Andersen Lecture Award in Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences by the Midstates Consortium for Math and Sciences. The award recognizes Dr. Stoll for his commitment to teaching and mentoring students in the classroom and in his analytical chemistry research laboratory. 

In his twelve years as a chemistry professor at Gustavus, Stoll has used a variety of classroom strategies to cater to students of different learning styles, including the use of tablets and peer-to-peer learning activities. 

Stoll’s teaching methods also appeal to students of all educational backgrounds. As Provost Brenda Kelly stated in her recommendation letter to the Midstates Consortium board, Stoll “gives students practice in problem solving and critical thinking skills that are applicable to everyone, those pursuing careers as professional chemists and those who will enter a non-science-based vocation.” This is especially beneficial to non-STEM major students taking chemistry courses as part of the liberal arts curriculum at Gustavus. 

Stoll is also being recognized for his analytical chemistry research achievements. He has been awarded 20 external research grants from notable funding organizations like the National Science Foundation, Pfizer, AbbVie, Agilent Technologies, the Legislative Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources, and the Midwest Forensics Resource Center.

Stoll working in the lab.

In his research laboratory at Gustavus, Stoll has mentored over 60 undergraduate students, with 25 of those student mentorships occurring over the last 5 years while he served as the director of the First-Year Research Program.

Stoll’s research students have taken the scientific and critical thinking skills gained from his mentorship and gone on to achieve major accomplishments. 21 students have co-authored 17 publications and 21 research alumni have graduated from or are currently enrolled in graduate programs or medical school at institutions such as the University of Michigan, Washington University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Stoll has remained dedicated to his students even in the midst of the pandemic. Over the past year, he served as chair of the Faculty Senate, chair of the COVID faculty emergency planning committee, and held a position on the college-wide COVID leadership team.

As part of the award, Stoll will provide the keynote address at the Midstates Consortium’s annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science in fall 2021. 


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